The final commission pic. I’m not allowed to look at it anymore.

2 commission WIPs. The one from yesterday/when I started, the one from today. I still need to tweak and add the final chainmail, then it’s done.

Deer are the beasts of my nightmares. Palette 7

An hour later, I realize I put the legs on backwards. Fixed.

Second prototype with more possible designs. I need a tiny loop (and a ton more patience) for these to stop puckering and skewing. But on the plus, I sealed the edges much better this time.

More poor quality phone photos, this time of my Journey bookmark/dangly thing prototype! Still some things I want to tweak/need to improve on before putting out any final versions, but overall it’s got a nice weight to it and is pretty sturdy.

Have some phone photos of junk from my sketchbooks + an attempt at watercolors.

I secretly love perfume commercials, and not so secretly love The Forbidden Game. Palettes 6 and 33.

Some cranes were chilling in my yard today. 5/100

This palette gave me such trouble. So I drew a thousand shitty windmills in black, which wasn’t on the palette (#4).

I wanted to do some sketch examples, and after explaining what moe was and the pokemans and the intersection of those two, my sister suggested this.

Goo people, now with more goo! Spaaaace and Deep Blue.

Working on some goo characters. These are some practice runs on “how do i goo” that I did in the shortest stream ever tonight. Still need to figure out how lighting’ll work.

Did some letters for the same guy I did the bust catboy shot for on F-list. I’ve never done even the vaguest of typography stuff before, but like how it turned out. The bottom two are the final fonts, though there are more variations of color.

A commission for Dannii Drake over on the F-list. I can’t look at it anymore or else I’ll start finding all sorts of problems.

Palette 3 fishy. 2hr seems to be my average.