Have some closeups of the WoW pets. I’ll probably have to redo the chick to better match them, but I’m shooting for next week to finish the pic.

A wip someone said looked like an indie album cover. So now it is indie album cover.

Have a banner thing for my Halloween miniatures collection. I decided to stamp instead of embroider the letters (due to lazy) after I’d already done the beads, so they’re all kinds of skewed.

Sum stuff. The watercolors are like 2 inches high and I should never attempt a bg on a headshot pic (which is a tinier redo of the top right here). And castoff beads are super hard to work with. I’ll have to try some of those using the normal beads.

Got my new water colors today and combining those with some new brushes, I repainted a pic. Left is new water colors, right is old. Still needs work, but now it’s all on my end.

Started out as an example of trying to explain whatever that spiraly perspective thing up there is called (I still don’t know), figured I’d continue and made it palette 25.

Been mostly done for forever, and since I’m not actually going to go back and fix the many wrong things by this point, have an attempt at coloring via values.

A more final practice, using the gooder ribbon. The embroidery is better (and much more even) but now I just need to pretty up the back so the floss doesn’t catch and maybe experiment more with types of stitching.

A quick-ish goo peeps pic. I like them because I don’t even anatomy. Still some wonkiness aside from what I can excuse away, but slime is intensifying.

Been a bit off as of late, so haven’t done much. Have a derpy dog in palette 10. He’s supposed to be a vaguely retriever-ish mutt.

Been a bit off as of late, so haven’t done much. Have a derpy dog in palette 10. He’s supposed to be a vaguely retriever-ish mutt.

The worst phone photos. Got some cards I made, one for me because Halloweeeeeeeeen and one for my sister, and a bunch of watercolor practice. Apparently it’s not just my inability to use watercolor that’s giving me such trouble, it’s that and I have really, really awful watercolors.

Probably could have like upped the brightness or something, but you’re not really missing much with the darker pics.

An update! One pet of four (+ a bg) added since forever ago. Also tweaked the character bit.


((u think i forget, i did not forget

Anyhow, I wanted to do something for that 100 followers thing, so rummaged through my craft stuff. And while it’s looking like it’ll be more like for 125 followers or something with how long it’s taking, I’m slowly learning how to do half of this junk to offer. These are the prototypes.

There might also be like stories or moar art or something, I dunno. I like to give peeps options. So nothing official, yet, but lookie all that poorly photographed Journey junk.))

Some pics of junk I’ve been doing offline this weekend. I like tiny things.

Let’s see got water colors of a stat card with my stupid sea slug and some filler Latin, got a portrait, got a Journey traveler, and got a poor rendition of the Ishtar Gate. Second pic’s a “book mark”, a painted microscope slide pendant thing, and two tiny glass bead cloth dolphins (they’re supposed to be cloth dolphins).

Palette 8! It’s the underside of Mi’raj, my Journey OC theweightofhistory's home city of shiny shit and ballast cloth. I don't know if that's the moon or the sun or what in the bg.